Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Police On My Back

How many times has someone told me that they wouldn't run unless a cop was chasing them?

Well, here's an interesting little story out of my own newspaper:

A boy, barely a man at 18, was running around nude except for a pair of swimming goggles. Why is not known. A frat stunt, perhaps? A dare? A drug-addled escapade inspired by Pink Floyd songs?

Who knows?

But it seems like an awful way to discourage kids from running, regardless.

And what does it say about the police department that resorts to Tasing a kid rather than taking him down the old-fashioned way?

I'm not judging the cops, but I want to know what the department's policies are about using Tasers. Do they have to try every other means of restraint available? Or is it just easier to get out your Taser out and fire?

And what about that kid, charged with indecent exposure? If convicted, he'll carry that stigma around for the rset of his life. Let's hope he's not counting on a track scholarship to pay for college.

If a police officer can't catch up with a streaking, possibly drug-addled teen without using a stun gun then does that say something about the physical shape of the officers of that department?

And now, what could be more appropriate than The Clash's "Police On My Back" covered by Asian Dub Foundation and Zebda?


  1. Fear, my friend, interferes with brain function. Who's in charge of common sense at the police office?

  2. The po po are a bunch of fags if they want to use a taser on a naked teenager.